Feb 10, 2017

How worried am I about parking?

Answers to the question of street parking in and around Yankee Stadium.

So, I’m posting this because of something that happened recently...

I had to go to a wake and as a result it made more sense to drive in close to the city, park the car on the street, take the subway into work and then take the subway back to the car and go off to where I had to go to rather than making the great schlep north only to have to drive all the way back in again.

And as things would turn out I parked right around Yankee stadium. I didn’t park right next to the stadium, I actually parked a significant distance away (on the other side of the Metro North train tracks) but it seems the city in its great wisdom to generate revenue has changed the parking regulations in the streets of the neighborhoods surrounding The House that George Built.

I would imagine this has something to do with the city deriving some revenue from the parking garages that were built or are being built with the new stadium. You don’t make any money if people park on the street for free as opposed to paying whatever exorbitant amount they hijacking people into paying now.
This also was in the draft queue and it was about the same thing I mentioned (and dragged out of the queue) the other day which was the whole parking thing around Yankee Stadium. Who knows, it's just worrisome to get a ticket in NYC because they try and milk you for every last dime.

Case in point...

So on my last gig the guy I was sitting next to got a ticket on his way to work.

Get this though, he rides a bike in from Dumbo over to the Penn Station area every morning and the Police stopped him on the way in and gave him a ticket.

Apparently he went through two red lights and they raced after him and stopped him to give him a ticket!

This astounds me only because this is the first time I have ever heard of the Police actually enforcing the traffic laws for bicyclists. It's not that I am against them doing it, as a matter of fact if I had my way all you asshole fucking morally superior bicyclists would have to be licensed and pay for insurance if I had my way.

I've been hit by one of these clowns about 15 or 16 years ago when he was riding the wrong way against traffic and ignoring traffic signals. Cost me money, time and a trip to the emergency room but the guy did get arrested (and he got a ticket too) but that was only because I was slyly able to manage to do something that kept him from leaving the scene.

Since I have the Vespa, I don't see why motorcyclists should be compelled to follow traffic laws, cars should be compelled to follow traffic laws but bicyclists get some kind of free reign. I never cease to be amazed at even now after the city has installed all kinds of bicycle lanes all around the city THESE IMBECILES STILL CAN'T USE THE ROAD PROPERLY!

I’ve seen them riding the wrong way in bicycle lanes, riding on the opposite side of the street when there IS a bicycle lane and of course ignoring traffic signals and right of way.

I put the fact that my friend got a ticket to the fact he’s not from New York or even the States originally. He’s from Australia and consequently I think he likely made for an easier target in the sense a New York bicyclist would be riding on the sidewalk to get away from the Police.

That ticket though?

OVER $200!

That’s amazing! It’s the same thing with the tolls too, the city is always looking for ways to dig deeper into people‘s pockets.

Parking tickets are pretty bad too something like $150 plus if it’s in Manhattan. Heaven help y0ou if you do get towed that’s even worse! You run the risk of losing whatever is in the car, plus towing charges and the ticket...

So I imagine that was part of it.

I keep thinking about relocating, the city is just getting too crazy expensive.

Even with more subway/bus/train increases - people, get a raise lately?

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